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  1. Lets get to know a little more about Alma Wieser, the organizer of Vintage Heaven Chicago in Wicker Park: 

    -Alma tell us a little bit about yourself… 

    AW: I’m art director of Heaven Gallery, aspiring fashion designer, vendor and organizer for vintage heaven.

    -When did you start to collect, find or appreciate vintage things?

    AW: My mother worked at a thrift store when she was pregnant with me so I claim that as the inception. Since I was a small child I played with my grandmothers jewelry, I was just born this way.

    -What do you love about something vintage or used?

    AW: I started collecting at about 16, once I had a car to get to the thrift and some money to buy things with. I even worked at a unique while in high school, that didn’t work out well, they didn’t let employees buy things until their day off, so i ended up hiding things in suitcases and i got busted.

    -What vintage possession do you most cherish?

    AW: I most cherish a 1960’s danish rosewood chest/dresser I bought for me and my husband’s wedding gift to ourselves. One side is a cabinet w 7 drawers that I converted into a jewelry box. I got this idea from my grandmother she had so much jewelry she had 3 dresser drawers full and I’m following the tradition.

    -If you could have something that belongs to someone else from the past… What it would be and from who?

    AW: All the jewelry and hats my all grandmothers ever owned or if that’s too much I’ll take something something from early actress Greta Garbo or fashion maverick Elsa Schiaparelli.

    -As an entrepreneur in this recession period, how did you find success?

    AW: I find success in giving, we can only receive when our hands are open. I find the more I give the more it comes back to me and I’m a pretty good buyer too.

    -Do you have any advice for others starting a project or business in your field? 

    AW: My advice is don’t give up, if you love it enough you can make it happen. The key is to stay focused try not to do too many other things concentrate your energy on one main goal. Persistence reaps success.

    -What you like to do when you are not at Vintage Heaven or running Heaven Gallery?

    AW: I like to sit in the sun or pet my doggie and kitty and tell them how much I love them.

    -Favorite restaurant in Chicago?

    AW: Thats a tough one for Indian: Cumin for Mideastern: Taste of Lebanon (the one way north by foster) for tacos: Big star for south american cuisine Irazu for sandwiches Milk and Honey for fancy Black Bird for BBQ Lillie Q and Smoke Daddies.

    Sorry I got a little carried away, Chicago is foodie turf.

    -Favorite place to hangout in Chicago? 

    AW: I know it’s sounds strange but here at heaven with my vh girls or with the people at one of our opening. My work here is half hanging out :-)

    Thank you Alma!

    To know more about Vintage Heaven or Heaven Gallery, here the links:



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